Summary in English

KIT alliance stands for: the alliance to further Inclusion through Technology

The alliance (KIT) started in 2017 as an initiative of 3 well-known Dutch based organisations – Cedris, SBCM and TNO. These founding fathers share a common objective: exploring and testing the opportunities of new (human-centered) technologies to enhance the labour market position of people with disabilities.

The 3 organisations contribute and support the goals of the alliance in disposing their advanced knowledge and experience in the field of technology, sustainable employment and health science.

Based on a vast network of supported employment organisations, social enterprises and regular companies, the alliance (KIT) was able to kickstart and facilitate pilots and programmes with a focus on people with specific needs and potential empowering technologies.

The alliance activates collaboration within the public and private sector, connecting tech enablers, social enablers, research institutes and regular companies.

The alliance (KIT) also hosts an online platform where relevant information, learnings and insights of dedicated KIT-programmes and relevant third party initiatives and learnings are publicly shared.

Obviously, the alliance (KIT) is open to exploring cross-border collaborations.

Insight: globally, serious concerns about the negative impact of technological development on the quantity and quality of jobs for the more vulnerable people is a big theme. However, the alliance (KIT) believes that in identifying, applying and tweaking new technologies, this will lead to an acceleration in empowering people with disabilities, becoming an even more attractive group of (potential) employees.

Do you get inspired and/ or want to join our quest? Share your ideas and contact us.