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KIT alliance stands for: the alliance to further Inclusion through Technology

KIT stands for Kennisalliantie Inclusie en Technologie and is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The overall objective of KIT is to strengthen the labour market position of people with a disability by applying newest technologies . KIT has developed a leading platform, online and offline, in the field of inclusion and technology and KIT is kickstarting regional inclusive technohubs TINT, with a focus on one or more sectors.

New technology could enable people with disabilities to find a suitable job, in line with their skills and talents, to perform better and/or to prevent them from losing their job. Technology can contribute to their position on the labor market and offer an opportunity for employers looking for motivated and qualified personnel.

KIT was founded by three well known organisations: SBCM Foundation, research institute TNO and Cedris, the association of supported employment organisations. These parties consider the ongoing development of new technologies, in the area of AR, VR, robotics, etc. as an opportunity to create more suitable or new employment. By combining the network and knowledge of scientific research from TNO, the vast network of supported employment organisations and social enterprises of Cedris and the knowledge development and innovative power of SBCM for social employment, all parties bring added value to the table. KIT serves as a catalyst and connector to initiate, supervise and evaluate research and experiments and to share this knowledge with other sectors.


KIT is initiator and participant in several programmes.

TINT regional hubs

One of the programmes is the development of so called regional inclusive technohubs, under TINT brand name. A TINT consists of a public private consortium of: tech companies, supported employment organisations, regular employers, knowledge and education institutes. The goal is to train and develop people with disabilities through inclusive technology so that they can work or work on a higher level in the labor market. For employers, these technologies can also be applied to support their current employees. TINT works from three perspectives: People, Organisation, Technologies.

Spreading the news

KIT is actively collecting and disseminating relevant news and best practices in the area of inclusion and technology via:

  • Web (www.inclusievetechnlogie.nl and partner websites;
  • Social Media such as LinkedIn and Twitter;
  • The network;
  • Lectures, congresses and through webinars.

Impact through scaling

KIT has ambitions to scale up:

  • Realisation of 10+ Technohubs in the Netherlands in 2025;
  • Giving a stage to successful projects and facilitate these projects for upscaling;
  • Going international; strong partnership with Flanders, collaboration with German partners.

For more information contact KIT.